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Whether it’s financing or locating a home, Rainbow Funding offers loans and listings. We have a number of homes and loans available, many of which we try to tailor match to your needs.


We also offer credit repair for clients free of charge. We will walk you through a complete analysis of your situation and help you understand the best course of action so you can be in the driver’s seat of your credit scores.


Whether you want a lower monthly mortgage payment or you are looking to cash out some of your home equity, Rainbow Funding can help you refinance your home.

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Personalized and professional service is what the real estate agents at Rainbow Funding in Newark, California, provide you. Since 1983, our agency has been serving people of the Bay Area, like yourself, in obtaining loans and home listings.

We offer a variety of programs built to match your needs in buying, selling, and financing homes. So the next time you’re looking for a realty agent who works with you, turn to Rainbow Properties.

Right Mortgage Solution for you

Our Mortgage Professional delight themselves on listening to your specific needs in an effort to customize the high-quality loan solution for you.After all, no two humans or financial conditions are alike! There are many alternatives available to you.


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Should I get pre-qualified for a loan before starting my home search?

Yes! Pre-qualification helps you know how much home you can afford, so you can feel confident when you are shopping for a new home. Most sellers also request a pre-qualification letter with the offer to purchase a home.  Prequalification gives you the peace of mind to know that every house we send you, is a house you can afford.   If you need help getting pre-qualified, please contact us.

How much do I need for a downpayment?

There are many programs from as low as 0% down all the way to 100% cash.  We have many programs here at Rainbow Funding and will make sure to help you get into the right house at the right price.  Please contact us to find out more.

How much do I need to pay for a real estate agent?

This depends on whether you are selling a home or buying a home. Sellers typically pay real estate commissions for both the listing agent and the selling (buyer’s) agent as a percentage of the sales price. This commission percentage is negotiable between the sellers and their listing agent. The listing agent gives a portion of that commission amount to the selling (buyer’s) agent. Buyers typically do not pay a commission to their real estate agent.

Should I sell my current home before I buy a new one?

There are many ways to handle this, and it’s really your decision. You can certainly sell your home before purchasing a new one, if you have another place to live between the sale of your home and the purchase of your next one. However, we can also list your home with a contingency on your purchase of a new home so that the sale of your home cannot be finalized until you have purchased a new property.  Nomatter how you want to proceed we will help you from the first conversation with us to the time you have your new keys we will be with you the entire way and help you get the best deal, at the best price with the least amount of stress.